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Stylish Bollywood Lessons in Retro Fashion

Beloved Bollywood, always teeming with emotions, newest fashion and never-ending drama, the whole world of fashion and styling and Page 3 haute lavish set seems to hold a special adoration for the vintage era. Retro has become the new ‘it’ thing in design circles, Bollywood and beyond. Restoration of evergreen classics, trends and dressing styles is the new ‘mantra’ – this and the coming seasons.

The styles - all set to enter our present day lives are floral prints, polka dots, fitted silhouettes, blonde pixie bobs, more emphasis on cheekbones, high-waist pants and glossy coiffures, printed georgette sarees to bell bottoms and dramatic lehenga cholis of the 60’s.

Playing the role of a catalyst, we have brought to you a miniature list of superb retro looks worn by B-Town stars – which you can sport this year. First on our list has to be unquestionably, Ileana D’Cruz and later, Esha Gupta – flaunting opulent retro ensembles in the movie Rustom. Ileana, this beautiful Indian actress looked marvelous donning printed floral sarees, straight long hair partly curled, a pair over-sized goggles and sleeveless blouses – in a much appreciated movie Barfi. Do you wish to don a retro look?

Read further to know how you can transform yourself in to a retro diva -


Bollywood divas of today’s time seem to be in love with the classic vintage era passed by and its ever popular fashion. If you aspire to sport the retro look– refreshing florals are undeniably your best choice this year. Beautiful sarees, breezy summertime gowns and dresses, encrusted with sprightly florals are your best bet, girls. It’s time to have bang-bang with florals!

To your delight, enchanting chiffon sarees are always worth swooning for. All you need to do is to add a dash of make-up and grace to your persona and you shall be ready to show-off your easy to drape floral saree.


Surely, a drape of 6 yards make you look like a lady from heaven on earth but you can’t agree more when we say that it’s the well-designed blouse which fluently brings out the innate sensuality of a woman. Take a peep into the history and you shall know – how those bewitching NO-sleeves saree blouses with simple necklines made each woman look pretty like a button. Embellish your blouse with dot prints, stylish collars, puffs or frills to bring the retro vibes to your look.

Take an inspiration from Bollywood trendsetter - Kangana. She wore a stunning off-white elbow length blouse decorated with ruffles at the edges, at one of the promotions for her movie Rangoon.


60’s surely had women bejeweled in aesthetically pleasing necklines. Try twinning a heavy neck-piece with striped sarees, lehengas, blouses or a polka inspired salwar suits to achieve a look from the era we cherish today.

Women with a long neck canpull off the retro look like a boss by wearing a choker over V-neckline blouses. The key is – balance. Try to accentuate one statement accessory, keeping other elements minimal. This way you will have people focusing on the highlighted element!


See-through fabrics like – organza, voile and other transparent materials are in for the long haul – indicates the fashion industry. From wedding gowns, bridal lehengas to designer blouses – sheer fabrics are enjoying their share of fame.

From Shahid Kapoor’s lady luck - Mira Rajput to Bollywood’s fashionable damsel Alia Bhatt – B-town heroines’ have frequently showed their love for translucent outfits. You too can look like Alia from the movie 2 States. Get yourself a half and half saree and club it with a net blouse. Best idea would be to get the blouse embellished with your favorite embroidery. Well, remember - you can always flaunt the sheer neck backs (without adding superfluities) with panache.

Classy women looking for a western touch can opt for see-through ponchos or capes paired with gowns or lehengas. Wearing an indo-western is a great idea to steal the show at a party with the glamorous vintage look. Stay stylish, stay glamorous!


Flaunting your well-toned shoulders was a rage in 70s and during the ‘flower is a power’ years. Luckily, off shoulders, one-sided shoulders and cut-off shoulders – all these styles are back with a bang. And, we are in awe!

Nevertheless, this is not a look suitable for the workplace – so keep it limited to parties and events where you can boast your super trendy look!


Prints have an irresistible charm. It is making a noticeable comeback in the fashion business. Recent Bollywood movies and celebs’ personal wardrobes’ – speak volumes of its popularity and craze.

Colossal prints look good on a svelte body figure while the ladies with a round, chubby or plump body shape can go for medium size to intricate prints. You can always add the funky touch to your printed ensemble by decorating it with 3D or ribbon flowers or by adding trendy adornments to it.

Floral prints have pretty much attracted ladies with its appealing look. But, this does not keep polka dots and nonfigurative prints away from a layman’s wardrobe. Prints have become an integral part of our day to day lives. It reflects impeccably in today’s ethnic fashion – from lehengas, Indo-western suits to sarees. Prints are everywhere!


Black and white – these two shades occupy your mind almost instantaneously, when you think of the monochromatic old times. You too will agree to it. The sublime world of black and white has an unforgettable link with the retro feel. So, there’s no surprise that this color combo is a huge rage now.

Bollywood can be seen bursting with the magical effect of black and white hues. We are 100 percent correct when we say that the B-Towner’s are excellently flaunting the monochromes with élan. And, we are amazed over their superb fashion sense!

Black and white is a flawless combo to cherry pick for special occasions or family events. Thus, one monochromatic ensemble is definitely a must-have this year!


The luxurious evening gowns have a mesmeric history to narrate since the onset of Renaissance period and so on. Flamboyant gowns, graceful capes, elegant dresses and red carpet ball gowns today offer a glimpse of the beautiful era gone by.

Indo-Western gowns have become a huge fashion fixation these days. Flared gowns covered with fur or velvets, rounded frocks to ankle length outfits – each style has found its special place in the wardrobe of every fashionista today. Complete this year’s wedding season by wearing a dazzling gown this season!

Retro inspired ensembles with a modern touch are all you need to have to stand out in the crowd this 2018-19. Believe us - this style is worth falling in love with. Ask your mom and grandma, for they have actually felt and lived that era. A sneak peek in to your granny’s collection would be no less than a treat. Get started!  


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