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Stylish Ethnic Salwar Suits Trends for Festive Season

India is a land of festivals; there’s always some or the other celebration going on to keep you occupied throughout the year. Festive celebrations involve a lot of socializing and being in a crowd, you would surely want to look your best. Keeping up with changes in the world of fashion can be a task. Well we’ve made it easier for you to track down and know what’s in! Here are the latest in salwar suits that will guide you to beinga shining diva throughout the festive season-

Brocade Giltters

Precious metals are an inherent part of Indian celebrations. The shimmer of golden and silver threads intricately woven to form beautiful patterns, brocades have made a grand comeback. Pick vibrant colours like hot pink, mint green, golden orange, classic red or royal blue to match the merriness of the occasion. Add glittery ethnic jewellery and a metallic bag for that sparkly festive look!

Edginess with Wavy Hemlines

Ordinary details will never get you a second glance. Ditch those bland and plain-Jane hem-lines and pick a suit having an asymmetrical, wavy or high-low edge. You can opt for lehenga style, trouser style or churidar style salwar suits. Add a pair of statement danglers to accentuate the edginess of your ensemble!

Get Lively with Patiala Suits

This North Indian attire is trending in Bollywood! Patiala suits have been one of the top preferences of B-town beauties like Parineeti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Sharma and have made way into the closets of emulating masses as well. This chic Indian attire has been lately glamorized in a couple of Bollywood flicks too. Pick a colorful or floral printed Patiala suit for a vivacious look at a daytime festive gathering. These suits are easy to carry around and look dressy too!

Play-it-up with Palazzos

This flared bottom suit is a retro silhouette that scores well on comfort and style. Palazzo bottoms give a contemporary look to traditional salwar suits. You can pick a palazzo suit with a long kurta to keep it ethnic or sport a palazzo-crop top coordinate with an embellished jacket add-on for a fusion look!

Crispy Trouser Suits

Taking ethnic wear towards global trends, traditional style pleated churidar bottoms have given way to crisp trousers. Printed or embellished trousers with designer tops having edgy details like front slit, high-low hemlines or ruffled necklines are trendy replacements for traditional suits. Pick your style of trouser-suit and team it up with minimal accessories for a modern and contemporary look.

Go Fusion with Lehenga Suits

Blending ethnic and western styles, fusion is a rising trend that has wooed Indians and other people worldwide. Indo-western lehenga suits are fast catching up as trendy outfits for not just festive celebrations, but also casual-wear and office wear too! So if you do not have a lehenga suit in your closet, then you ought to get one right away!
Style is all about being different and having the latest. You must update your festive wardrobe from time to time to keep your look up-to-date. Spend time in getting your festive wardrobe sorted so that you can be a part of every celebration in your stylish best!


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