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Costumes and Ethnic Wear for Classical Dances of India

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Gift A Saree To Your Mom This Mother’s Day

The lady who gave you the gift of life, who made you the center of her world while keeping herself aside and who brought you up to be able to chase your dreams- your mother is indeed the most special woman of your life! She’s the one whom you think of whenever you feel lonely; she’s your healer, your best friend and the best problem-solver. After all that she does, your mother deserves the best from you. Ideally, she ought to get pampered throughout the year, but Mother’s Day is a little more special; so go ahead and show her that you love her as much as she loves you! Gift her something like a luxurious handloom saree that would stay with her for years, bringing that sparkle of happiness whenever she sees or wears it and boosting up her pride while she shows it off to her friends and relatives. Choosing a saree for your mother Buy Now That’s the trickiest part! After a generation gap, what your mother likes is more important than what’s trending today. It’s a Mother’s Day gift after all…

Stylish Ethnic Salwar Suits Trends for Festive Season

India is a land of festivals; there’s always some or the other celebration going on to keep you occupied throughout the year. Festive celebrations involve a lot of socializing and being in a crowd, you would surely want to look your best. Keeping up with changes in the world of fashion can be a task. Well we’ve made it easier for you to track down and know what’s in! Here are the latest in salwar suits that will guide you to beinga shining diva throughout the festive season- Brocade Giltters Buy Now Precious metals are an inherent part of Indian celebrations. The shimmer of golden and silver threads intricately woven to form beautiful patterns, brocades have made a grand comeback. Pick vibrant colours like hot pink, mint green, golden orange, classic red or royal blue to match the merriness of the occasion. Add glittery ethnic jewellery and a metallic bag for that sparkly festive look! Edginess with Wavy Hemlines Buy Now Ordinary details will never get you a second glance. Ditch those bland…

Stylish Bollywood Lessons in Retro Fashion

Beloved Bollywood, always teeming with emotions, newest fashion and never-ending drama, the whole world of fashion and styling and Page 3 haute lavish set seems to hold a special adoration for the vintage era. Retro has become the new ‘it’ thing in design circles, Bollywood and beyond. Restoration of evergreen classics, trends and dressing styles is the new ‘mantra’ – this and the coming seasons.
The styles - all set to enter our present day lives are floral prints, polka dots, fitted silhouettes, blonde pixie bobs, more emphasis on cheekbones, high-waist pants and glossy coiffures, printed georgette sarees to bell bottoms and dramatic lehenga cholis of the 60’s.
Playing the role of a catalyst, we have brought to you a miniature list of superb retro looks worn by B-Town stars – which you can sport this year. First on our list has to be unquestionably, Ileana D’Cruz and later, Esha Gupta – flaunting opulent retro ensembles in the movie Rustom. Ileana, this beautiful Indian actress looked…

Kalamkari – The imitable fabric art of pen drawing

Kalamkari, literally translated to Pen Craft, is an age old way of fabric decoration. Persian in its origin, this gorgeous craft was made by hand painting, using the eponymous qalam – or using blocks. Today, it is largely made by block printing or screen printing. Many traditional Kalamkari designs are also recreated by digital printing – but this lacks the charm of the original art.
Kalamkari has been practiced largely in Southern India, and its two main styles have developed there only. They are Srikalahasti and Machilipatnam style. While the latter is more influenced by influences from Iran, Hyderabad, Mughal dynasty and Persian arts, the former is the indigenous one with inspirations from flora, fauna and Indian epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and VedPuranas. Buy Now Original Kalamkari uses only vegetable dyes – hence the limitation of a certain color palette and texture. With changing times, new techniques and raw materials have been incorporated. Technically, Kalamkari is a time …

Saree Styling Tips for Skinny Women

A slim and well-toned figure is a goal for every woman across the globe. However, an excess of thinness can spark feelings of inferiority in women. Well, no one is perfect and each one of us always has something to work upon. But the fact is that certain silhouettes look better over a slim body, for example, a bandage dress, while some outfits are better suited for curvy or plump women.
In India, being skinny or having a body devoid of proper curves works as a thumbs-down factor when it comes to wearing saris. The Indian saree is an elaborate piece of garment which gracefully highlights the curves of a woman and therefore goes better with voluptuous figures while making thin ladies look extra lean. But with careful styling, even skinny women can make a mark in an elaborate drape. All you need to do is, follow these guidelines, which, will not only enhance your saree look but also boost your confidence tremendously. 1. Choose heavy borders Buy Now Ladies who are thin and tall can wear plai…

5 Gold Beige Ethnic Ensembles for Special Occasions

A glitter that brightens up your eyes- gold is the most powerful hue that has ruled the human race since time immemorial. A symbol of wealth and luxury, the color of precious goldis used to define an extravagant wardrobe. Golden hued outfits, accessories and other add-ons are commonly found in closets of the affluent all over the world. In India, golden zari is a significant component of ethnic wear like traditional silk saris, brocade as well as contemporary gowns.
For special occasions in India, golden or golden-beige outfits make a grand wardrobe. Be it a causal evening party or a grand and formal wedding function, shades of golden will always be an apt choice! Here are some pretty designer outfits for your trendy closet:
1. Go Bright with Dull Gold:
Buy Now If you’re a staunch fashion follower then a contemporary Anarkali suit in dull gold is definitely for you. This hue emanates the sparkle of gold without making your wardrobe look bling. A perfect pick for a friends’ day out!
2. The …