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What To Wear for Your Friend’s Wedding?

Get ready to slay! So, it’s your friend’s wedding and you cannot hold your excitement. Friends hold a special place in one’s life. They are the ones with whom you’ve had some of the craziest and happiest days of your life. A friend’s wedding is indeed a very special occasion and that definitely calls for some extra styling efforts! For the array of functions and rituals happening around the occasion, we have some cool wardrobe ideas to give you styled-up moments and picture-worthy memories:

1. The Desi Girl

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Well if you are attending an Indian wedding, ethnic attire is the best pick. You can opt for western wear for some of the functions like the cocktail party and the bachelorette, but for other functions like mehendi, haldi, wed-lock and reception, flaunt your traditional and contemporary outfits. Be the perfectly stylish desi girl and carry the charm of Indian traditions with pride!

2. Go Twinning

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Bridesmaids following a colour theme or picking up the same garment is a trend adopted from the western culture. In present times, this trend has caught on in Indian weddings too. Go ahead, and twin with your lovely friend! Twinning is quite captivating and it actually avoids outfit comparisons. So girls, get into some pretty wedding uniforms, and add to the wedding excitement!

3. Jewels for the Occasion

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Wedding attires are incomplete without dazzling jewelry. In a country like India where weddings are a glittering affair, heavy ornaments make an important component of the occasion wardrobe. Play around with kundan, meenakari, precious stones and pearls to keep the look rich and regal. Or, go Boho chic for a spunky appeal!

4. It’s all about the Blouse

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An Indian saree is a sensuous garment by itself. By ditching the matching blouse that comes along with the drape and pairing it up with a statement top you can turn even a plain sari into a smart designer garment. For a contemporary look, choose from a range of trendy halters, ruffles, cut-work or flared sleeves and trendy necklines to make a lasting impact.

5. Trendy Hair-dos

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Weddings can really wear you out and that can lead you to neglect certain details. Most women tend to leave their hair loose. Break the monotony, and go for a stylish updo, instead! Messy buns go really well with sarees and lehengas. Put on a beautiful hair accessory to make a scintillating impact!

The style is all about coordinating little details about your look and with a little observation and attention, you can surely do it right! It is also about selecting the right ensembles. We are sure can be of great help to you in this regard!


  1. You can also go for Indo western Dress, They are amazing, elegant, sassy, and charming!!


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