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Embellish Your Saree Look With Designer Blouse

Saree can make any woman look gorgeous. It is a garment commonly worn by the women of the Indian Subcontinent. This long drape is around five to nine yards long and two to four feet wide. It is draped around a petticoat with pleats in front and a pallu, dangling from the left shoulder. The kind of blouse you wear with your saree plays a great role in enhancing or diminishing your beauty. The right blouse can even brighten up your dull-looking saree. On the contrary, a not-so-good blouse will make your expensive saree look flat.

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How Important Is It To Choose The Right Kind Of A Blouse
A designer blouse can glamorize the look even more. Even if you choose to wear a Kerala cotton saree, a smart choice of a blouse teamed up with it can make you stand out distinctively even in a crowd of hundreds. A right choice of a good looking blouse has a huge impact on the way you look.

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Ditch The Conventional Blouse Style
Why stick to the ancient concept of hooked cotton blouses when you can go for designer blouses which will glam up your look? Some of them even help you to modernize your look keeping alive the traditional essence. There are several websites on the internet where you can buy Indian Saree online. You will also find matching blouse design online.

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Innovative Blouse Ideas To Glam Up Your Look
1) There are different styles and designs of blouse which you can team up your saree to jazz your appearance up. The conventional hooked blouses have been replaced by many innovative designs of blouses. In this article, you will get to know about 7 of them.

2) High neck blouses for sarees: Although it might sound outdated, high neck blouses have taken the market by a storm. It is trending these days. It has become a common fashion trend among both young women and the aged ones. It adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to your look. 

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3) Fringe blouse for sarees: If you want to add a messy and stylish touch to your casual conventional saree look, you can couple it up with fringe style blouse. Many of the Bollywood divas, whom women consider to be their style icon, have been spotted confidently sporting this style of blouse.

4) Sheer designed blouse for sarees: You can customize this kind of blouses as you desire. The net or sheer part can be attached anywhere you want- the sleeves, the cut designs at the back or the part above, the chest.

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5) Cape blouse for saree: This kind of blouse is most common among the young girls. Cape blouse helps you create a beautiful blend of western and traditional garments. They can make even a dull looking saree look bright. They look best when worn in contrast with the color of the saree.

6) Cut-out blouses for sarees: Although cut-outs are an age-old concept of adding a stylish look to your blouse. However, the newer and the different styles of cut-outs available in the present day market are the reason why this otherwise ancient trend has hit the market so largely.

7) Cold shoulder blouses for sarees: Cold shoulder has been a huge fashion trend since 2016. It is an ideal choice if you avoid much skin-show and still look contemporary.


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