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8 Things Nobody Else Can Tell You Regarding Selecting Your Bridal Lehenga

Wedding Bells! So your wedding is like a blink away and you’re all excited about the upcoming array of events. Every bride has a dream look for her D-day and that calls for hunting around endless malls to get the perfect outfit for your wedding. With endless options of bridal outfits available these days, there is chance of your getting baffled and ending up with a less than expected look on your special day. Before you step into any such mess, take a deep breath and think well before buying. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind while buying your dream wedding lehenga-

1.  Choose your personal best:

Your individual preference is above everything. The current trending style of bridal wear may not necessarily be in sync with your personal choice and picking up the latest lehenga design may leave you feeling uncomfortable and looking less confident. So choose what’s best for you, not what everyone else is buying.

2. Keep it Simple:

It is not necessary to wear a heavily embroidered lehenga choli, with embellishments flooding the garment. This will only make it difficult for you to move around while performing rituals. Also, heavy embroidery tends to overpower the bride’s look and subdue her lovely expressions. So choose a bridal lehenga with moderate embroidery.

3. Red colour is not mandatory:

Gone are the days where wearing a red lehenga was a strictly followed tradition. You can opt for neutrals with elegant work, lavender, or even pastel hues. Pick a colour keeping in mind the timing and venue of the wedding.

4. Contemporary is in!

You can opt for a halter neck choli with a fish-cut lehenga design, or any other contemporary combination that suits your style. Given the era where indo-western clothing is an ongoing trend, following your style statement on your wedding day is a must!

5.   Spend right, not big:

Indian weddings involve huge expenses. While you feel that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime expense, you might just end up going overboard with your bridal lehenga budget. If you’re opting for a designer outfit, choose a designer label that is not overpriced. A smart purchase can give you the desired look and save your funds for other wedding expenses.

6.  Choose your Jewellery first:

When you buy your dress first, it limits your options for jewellery. Out of the two, you would definitely be wearing the jewelry more often. So it is better to buy your bridal lehenga after choosing your ornaments.

7.   Buying online is a good option:

These days, online stores have better lehenga designs and more tempting deals as compared to physical stores. You can also get your outfit customized to precision by filling up the given measurement chart. Buying your bridal lehenga online can save you from days of market scanning!

8.   Whatever you buy, feel confident about it:

Feeling nervous is a part of the journey since you’ll be stepping into a new life.  But do not let that nervousness make you skeptical about your wardrobe. Choose your bridal lehenga with confidence and wear it with equal pride, for more than a designer dress it is your attitude that makes you look beautiful!

So the lovely bride-to-be, stay at peace and enjoy your wedding shopping!


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